Frequently Asked Questions

Submitted your app but not yet listed?

There is a certain quality of apps I try to maintain in the list. Here are some common issues which may cause delays or rejections:
  1. Wrong dimension or badly designed cover image - I want to present your apps in the best light possible, and I hope so do you. 50% of the cover images currently listed have been edited or created from scratch by myself over weekends so please understand if it should take a little longer.
  2. Difficulty of verifying app origins - Some of the apps submitted have little or no contact info, or info on the company and it makes it hard for me to verify that the app is indeed made in Singapore. I usually keep them in my backlog when I see these apps.
  3. Overly simple utility apps - If your app is simply a wrapper for some 3rd party api calls, I'm sorry to say that there isn't much to showcase at this stage.